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About the Language Instructor

From an early age, Karen expressed interest in foreign languages and enjoyed learning some of the words her parents had learned in their Spanish and French classes. In high school she studied Latin, Spanish, and French. Then, at Ohio Wesleyan University, she received a B.A. in Spanish and subsequently did graduate work in French at Millersville State College while teaching both languages. She received her Pennsylvania permanent certifications and has been tutoring both languages ever since then.

To maximize her conversational skills, she studied Spanish in Barcelona and lived in a French dormitory for 2 years in college, her favorite language learning experience. There she enjoyed the challenge of trying to express herself to the other students who shared her interest in speaking French well.

Karen still studies foreign languages and appreciates the patience her instructors have had in her struggles with the complicated German word order, the illogical Danish pronunciation, and the different letters of the Greek alphabet, and she has incorporated this quality into her foreign language tutoring style. She hopes to prepare her students for any upcoming exams or enhance their foreign travel by helping them to “travel in the local lingo.”

Try your first hour with Karen for a 50% discount to experience her challenging but patient tutoring style!

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